Emerald Lakes Co-op, Inc.
1401 W. Highway 50
Clermont, Florida 34711



Dear Homeowners/Residents:

     As you well know, many organizations such as schools, churches and non-profits need additional revenue to keep their organizations healthy and up to date.  This obviously takes additional funds to assure its future existence and welfare.  Some of you have already expressed a desire to designate specific funds to a “Memorial Fund” to help beautify the park.  Therefore, we are establishing a separate fund that will receive your donations and will be used solely for the purpose of park upgrades and improvements.   

     We are asking all residents and owners to consider leaving a living legacy that will remind others, in the future, of your generosity and love for Emerald Lakes Park. 

     If you have enjoyed living in Emerald Lakes and would like to see it continue to provide a secure residential surrounding for your senior friends for years to come, please consider the Emerald Lakes Memorial Fund. 

     Here are some suggestive ways you can give to the Memorial fund: 

  • OUTRIGHT GIFTS – that is designated in your Will or Estate Trust.
  • GIFT OF REAL ESTATE – your home or other property can be left to the park. 
  • GIFT OF SECURITIES – securities that have been held long term.
  • GIFT OF LIFE INSURANCE – designate a life insurance policy death benefit to Emerald Lakes. 

  • TANGIBLE GIFTS – for example, gifts such as trees, benches or other tangibles that the park may need.

These are just a few ways you can donate to Emerald Lakes Memorial fund.  There are other ways you can also give, however you should always discuss this with your legal counsel.   

Lets keep Emerald Lakes Mobile Home Park a beautiful place to live for decades to come. 

      Thank you for your consideration,  

      The Memorial Fund Committee


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Memorial Fund Brochure